I was born in a small town close to Barcelona in 1989.  I’ve always really liked to invent stories. When my sister and I were young children, my dad would often tell us a tale before bed in which we were the main characters. In my imagination, everything that he related was fascinating and I decided to invent my first story when I was just six years old.  Since I wasn’t yet a proficient writer, I dictated a story to my dad about an explorer who lived through many adventures and then decided to live in a pyramid. At the age of nine, I dared myself to write my first story. Since then I have continued to write short stories.

One day, by chance, I visited the webpage of my favourite writer, Jordi Sierra i Fabra.  There I saw the announcement of the Jordi Sierra i Fabra’s Writing Award, a prize aimed at boys and girls under eighteen who had to present a novel with a minimum length of 50 pages.  I had never written a novel before but I challenged myself to write one for the competition and I decided to write the sort of book that I enjoyed reading myself. It was like this that my first novel came into existence, The Power of a Decision, which I wrote at the age of sixteen.  What a surprise when, in February of 2006, Jordi Sierra i Fabra called to tell me that I was the winner! I felt very lucky.  Never before did I consider being a writer, but from that moment I dreamed of becoming one. At university, I started to study Media but after two years I realised it was more worthwhile risking a change and switch my degree to Theory of Literature. I have since completed my studies and combined the world of writing with the profession of a teacher.

I would like you to know a little bit more of my hobbies.  It’s evident that I like writing. Writing lets me maximise the potential of my imagination and at the same time capture my feelings. For me, the writing is a therapy that releases my worries. Although the anxieties don’t disappear, the words make them prisoners and they can’t come to my mind. Anyway, I don’t only like writing.  I have other interests and I could make a very long list but I like to order things in rank. I prefer to summarise the things that I have most liked in the fields that interest me:

One book? Toureg, by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa

One film? Life is Beautiful, by Roberto Benigni

One poem? Romance Moon (Romance de Luna), by Federico García Lorca

One theatre play? The Lady of the Dawn, by Alejandro Casona

One musical? The Lion King, by Disney

One song? Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler

One place? Tower Bridge, London

One special country? Egypt

One sport? Swimming

One extreme experience? Losing myself in the National Park of… all night

In the end, everything that I have discovered and have lived makes me who I am and is captured in my writings. Finally, I leave you the time-line of awards that I have won until now.  The awards have never been the reason why I write, simply they are challenges that I have accepted. I am very clear that writing is a vital need and I will keep on writing always, regardless of any further awards.

Alella a Guida Alzina’s Award
Jordi Sierra i Fabra’s Writing Award
Ascó Short Story’s Award
Sant Hilari de Sacalm Short Story’s Award
Jocs Florals del Raval’s Award
Homilies d’Organyà Writing Award
Caterina Albert Short Story’s Award
El destí d’en Kiwala – Catalan (16 years)
El poder de una decisión – Spanish (16 years)
De cor sincer – Catalan (16 years)
Falsa victòria – Catalan (17 years)
Un camp sense flors – Catalan (17 years)
Un dia important – Catalan (21 years)
Somriures davant l’aparador – Catalan (24 years).


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