Pol is an Instagram star. He lives happy and carefree, aware of the likes that each new publication will generate. Following the funeral of his grandfather Manuel, Pol wonders where his grandfather will be after he died. As he does not accept that he has ceased to exist, he asks for answers from the people around him: the Catholic grandmother, the agnostic father, the Buddhist aunt, the Muslim friend …, but each one gives him a different answer. It seems that this question is too difficult to answer, until you find unexpected help.


The question is a realistic novel that talks about grief, the diversity of religions and the idealized image transmitted by social networks.


  • The novel won the 2021 City of Badalona Youth Novel Award among the 33 originals submitted. The jury highlighted “the freshness with which the author reproduces the youthful languages ​​of social networks and the originality in dealing with the subject of death, mourning and spirituality.”
  • The idea for the novel came up right after my grandmother Mercedes died. I wrote the book in five weeks as part of the grieving process, which is why I have dedicated this open-hearted story to it.
  • I interviewed many people of different religions and disciplines to document myself; among them, a historian, a basketball player, a Jewish rabbi and even a boy who had been addicted to drugs.

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