Four young people are the winners of a trip to New York with all expenses paid. While waiting for the plane to arrive at the airport, they begin to share their impressions of the journey that awaits them. They are surprised that there are no more passengers taking that flight and, above all, they are disturbed by the presence of a black suitcase that seems abandoned in the middle of the room. Then, the first differences of opinion arise on what to do with it. Should they take it to the lost and found department? Would they have the right to open it? Or would it be better to call the police?

Strangers at an Airport is a suspense novel that talks about friendship, relationships and social relationships between strangers.


  • Originally, this novel was conceived as a play, but I decided to rewrite it as a novel.
  • In a first draft, I titled the work The Black Suitcase and in a second draft, The Ring Game. For the current title, I was inspired by the Hitchcock film Strangers on a Train.
  • The idea arose after contemplating a black suitcase that moved over the baggage carousel of an airport with no one to claim it.

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