The boys and girls of the future use a technology designed to make our lives easier: a social network that sends you notifications with holograms, an eye assistant that makes you see what you ask, supermarkets that keep half the population frozen , a virtual reality headset that transforms you into an avatar, an injection that injects nanorobots or contact lenses that embellish reality. In total, this work is a compilation of six stories written by six young authors: Rubén Montañá, Alba Dalmau, Albert Pijuan, Martí Rodríguez, Laia Soler and Arturo Padilla.


See You Tomorrow is an anthology of science fiction stories that reflects on the society of the future and the population’s dependence on new technologies.


  • The six stories are located in Catalan cities seen in a futuristic key: Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Tarragona, Girona, Mataró, Sabadell, Terrassa and Granollers.
  • The six authors that make up the anthology have more than forty works published together and several literary awards. The youngest author is Martí Rodríguez, 21 years old on the day of publication, and the oldest, Rubèn Montañá, 38 years old.
  • The idea for this anthology arose from the need to make visible a new batch of Catalan writers wanting to create a close, fresh and integrated youth literature in this technological era.

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  1. #16317 Inaara 5/02/2023 Reply

    Tinc un dubte sobre qui son el Cèsar, el Jonàs i la Laura en la història “Okulus” de Laia Soler.

  2. #14618 Alba 27/04/2022 Reply

    El llibre en general m’ha agradat però el final del teu relat no l’he entes molt….

    • #14620 Arturo Padilla 27/04/2022 Reply

      Ei Alba!
      Gràcies pel teu comnentari. T’explico: l’home gran que l’Eva veu a l’estació de busos és la persona que hi ha darrere del Marc Ginestós. Per tant, és un iaio que es fa passar per jove a Hologram. Més clar ara?

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