Five young men get lost in the forest during an excursion and find a house surrounded by scrapped cars. One of the girls remembers the legend of a boy who also got lost in the forest, settled in an abandoned house and started killing all the drivers who got lost there, as well as scrapping their cars. Although it is only a legend, fear takes hold of the protagonists when they try to start their own car and the vehicle does not work.


The House of the Car Cemetery is a horror novel that talks about the struggle to survive, love doubts and mental illness.


  • The house in the novel is inspired by a royal house located in the town of Montmany (Vallès Oriental), a farmhouse in the middle of the forest surrounded by several scrapped cars, a tractor and a caravan.
  • The starting point of the novel starts from a real event: a friend and I got lost in the car while we were looking for the Montmany castle and we ended up finding a farmhouse and a hermitage at the end of a narrow road.
  • Despite the dilapidated state of the Montmany farmhouse, it is inhabited by a man who, according to close neighbors, is reserved and lonely.

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