Special Neighbors tells the story of Biel, a fifteen-year-old boy who would like to have a girlfriend, like some of his fellow pirates, but he doesn’t know how to do it because he is “special”. When he starts to like Sonia, a young presenter of a cooking show on TV and, in addition, a neighbor of his stairs, things get complicated…


Special Neighbors is a realistic and humorous novel that talks about intellectual disabilities, first love and bullying.


  • The novel is co-written with Rubèn Montañá. He narrated the chapters from Sonia’s point of view and I narrated the chapters from Biel’s point of view.
  • I visited the Vallès Oriental Private Foundation, an entity in Granollers that cares for people with intellectual disabilities. There I interviewed the foundation’s psychologist and a boy with Down syndrome, conversations that helped me to design the character of Biel.
  • The cooking show, Falsificació d’origen, is an invention. However, it is inspired by a Catalan TV program, Pop up chef, in which two contestants compete to cook a traditional dish in a Catalan location and a popular jury decides the winner after tasting the dishes.

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  1. #16734 Nil 23/04/2023 Reply

    Hola, Arturo m’ha agradat moltíssim el teu llibre, me l’han fet llegir per l’escola i no m’esperava que fos tan entretingut.

    Salutacions des de Montcada i Reixac.

    • #16735 Arturo Padilla 23/04/2023 Reply

      Hola Nil!
      Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari. M’ha fet molta il·lusió, ja que aquest llibre és molt recent i encara tinc poc feedback.
      Una abraçada enorme!

  2. #15755 Lali 21/11/2022 Reply

    pots estar segur que aquest any serà uns dels llibres que recomanaré a les visites que els nois de l’escola Pia fan a la botiga…..
    LALI ( La Gralla)

    • #15757 Arturo Padilla 21/11/2022 Reply

      Hola Lali!
      Doncs moltíssimes gràcies per la promo i la implicació.
      Una abraçada a La Gralla!

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