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Iraida, a girl who has just moved with her parents to a new city, starts working in a luxury clothing store. She soon notices the rejection and rivalry of her companions. Therefore, she has no friends, she feels increasingly alone and spends the weekends locked in her room. One day she finds an advertisement from OnlyFriends, a website that offers friends in exchange for a monthly fee. After much hesitation, she decides to sign up. The web promises that a series of people will appear in her daily life with the intention to be friends with her. Iraida does not have to do anything, she only has to act in a natural way and go on with the situations that arise. The only condition is that she must never ask people she meets if they work for OnlyFriends.

Without Script is a romantic novel that talks about the need for acceptance, loneliness and the fine line between friendship and love


  • All locations are real. There is even the forest of Samalús, a private setting full of sculptures of monks and owls.
  • The idea came up after I saw an advertisement, in which a well-known brand of soft drinks offered a service of friends to those who were alone.
  • My cousin Dama N. Prayton, who is also a writer, gave me some advice on how to put myself in the shoes of a girl so that I could express in first person her thoughts and emotions.

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