Adrian, Lola and Yaiza are finalists in a reality show in the Amazon. The producers of the programme accuse the contestants of stealing food from camera crew. The contestants then decide to rebel against what they consider to be an injustice. Consequently, the contestants kidnap Lince, a camera operator, and then travel into the deep, remote parts of the jungle to prove to everyone they have what it takes to be true real survivors. While they are in the rain forest they hear of reports about an indigenous tribe who are extremely dangerous, the Flecheiros, who have never been in contact with white civilisation. They are keen to kill all intruders with the purpose of defending their territory. Despite the danger the contestants are exposed to, Lince has a past that connects him directly to the indigenous tribe. There is an inevitable encounter between the Flecheiros and contestants…

Survivors behind the Cameras is an adventure novel that discusses the cultural collision of two worlds, the fight for survival and the persistence of myths.


  • Based on a true incident which took place on a Spanish reality show called Celebrities in the Jungle. In the 2004 edition, a contestant broke the rules of the programme and ventured into virgin territory of the jungle accompanied by a camera operator. Both returned unscathed to the camp shortly after.
  • In 2001 journalists of the National Geographic organised an expedition to the Brazillian jungle to attempt to locate the Flecheiros. However, after a few months of their search they never found them.
  • Currently the Flecheiros are one of the few tribes to remain isolated and are only known by references other tribes make of them. Therefore, both the language and behaviour are invented.

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